(formerly known as Whiplash)

romantic action-adventure

After the Civil War, a teenage girl disguised as a man works her way across the country as a stagecoach driver in order to track down the sadistic Southern colonel who murdered her brother.  She’s pursued by a former Confederate officer who threatens to expose her true identity – and steal her heart.  (inspired by a true story)

Winner, More Magazine/Women in Film screenplay contest;  Finalist (top 10), Page International Screenplay Contest;  Nicholl semi-finalist (three times) and top-30 (twice);  Austin 2d Round (top 10%);  rated 9 out of 10 on The Black List

Black List feedback:


Charlie is an exciting heroine and watching her make her own success in such a difficult time is inspiring. Her developing relationship with Frank adds comedic sexual tension as she tries to appear tough despite her obvious interest in him. The historical aspects of this script are seamlessly incorporated and seem quite accurate. Additionally, the script is wonderfully paced with just the right combination of romance and adventure.


“Whiplash” is an exhilarating romantic adventure with original characters and important historical significance. If produced this story could find success across all four quadrants but especially with women given such a strong female heroine as the lead character.

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