The Maccabee Queen

(stage play)

Civil war and foreign invasions…   Courtesans and cannibalism …  And an unfortunate incident with a citrus fruit…

The Maccabee Queen is an epic true story. A woman of faith and courage, Alexandra survives political intrigues and two murderous husbands to rule as the last queen of the independent kingdom of Judea, with the help of her ally – Cleopatra III of Egypt. The conflicts of their time echo down to the present-day crisis in the Middle East in this fast-moving, action-packed tale of a important – and little known – period of history.

Poetic drama. 13m, 6f; may be doubled to 8m, 4f. Optional non-speaking roles, including soldiers, singers, and dancers. Simple unit set.

Winner, Dorothy Silver playwriting award  (the leading US award for plays on Jewish themes)

Dramaturge, Theatre Royal, Plymouth, England:

“This epic is a considerable achievement. The author tells a fascinating and at times exciting, not to say complex story well… Altogether it is a story which convincingly shows us the power of ruling women in the middle eastern civilisations of the time; after viewing it we may well revise our opinions as to the impact of women on the history of antiquity....”

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