First Lady

supernatural political thriller

A war-hero senator’s ambitious new wife will stop at nothing to put him in the White House.  (inspired by Macbeth)

Black List Feedback:

By adapting Shakespeare’s MacBeth into a modern political thriller the writer has created a premise that is a fantastic launch pad for a feature film.

Showing how the protagonist Beth ends up painting herself into a corner through the deception of her past and her plot to murder the President in order for her husband to ascend the writer establishes a strong tone thick with the miasma of dread as Beth’s guilt and the truth behind her actions close in around her. She is a fascinating main character because she is willing to sacrifice everything about herself, even her identity, in order to propel her husband to the highest office in the land. The way in which she vacillates between charming and chilling adds depth and complexity to her character voice.

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