Blood Relations


In Santa Fe, a reformed party girl deceives her wealthy husband in order to have a baby, then finds herself caught in a web of blackmail and murder.

Nicholl top 10%

Black List Feedback:

BLOOD RELATIONS does an excellent job of creating tension and suspense. From the script’s first act in which an eager Sunny is trying to please her employer by doing a drug run for him, it is clear that Sunny’s journey is not to be an easy one. It is exciting to see her clean up her life, which makes her eventual fall more momentous.

David and Sunny’s secrecy both feel like they arise from realistic places. David is a celebrity, several times divorced, and has a lot to lose if his secrets are revealed. Sunny is trying to protect herself from losing all that she gained in finding her own inner peace before her relationship with David. They both have well defined motives for their decisions.

The commune is an interesting setting that moves the story in a completely new direction; Calvin, Gaia, Josh, and Tommy provide diversity and even levity to the dark script.

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