A Six-Day War

contained war drama

Ten years after he retired from the army, former general Moshe Dayan — a notorious tomb-robber and womanizer — fights to return to a leadership role as Israel faces the threat of war and debates the use of nuclear weapons. (based on a true story)

Black List feedback:

This script is a fascinating window into a world of middle eastern conflict between Israel and its neighbors that rings true to the tensions that still persist in the region in the present day. The writer does an excellent job of fleshing out the political landscape in a way that is easy for the reader to understand, whether they are a history buff or not.

In terms of characters, Moshe Dayan is the obvious favorite. He’s complex, interesting and easy to like, largely because of his intelligence and charisma, among other virtues.

A SIX DAY WAR is outstanding in capturing the pressure of every single moment in the conflict from the Israeli point of view. Right from the start, the tensions are running high and an attack from Egypt an its allies is imminent. As Dayan rises to the rank of Minister of Defense, the tensions mount and he must make decisions that will have far reaching implications on world history. Particularly well done is the moment where he needs to decide whether Israel should try and capture Jerusalem. As a lead character, Dayan is captivating. His presence is very Patton-esque in that he is firm, decisive and needs to be the center of attention. The story is as much about Israel winning the war as it is about him being the one who wins Israel the war. His deft political maneuvering to reach the top is well-written and entertaining. 

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