Lauri Donahue


  • For Amazon Studios, did a rewrite of the feature Zombies vs. Gladiators
  • For Nickelodeon, wrote for an animated series (premiering 2022)
  • Developed several scripts with director/producer Ariel Vromen (The Iceman, The Angel)
  • For a production company in Ghana, wrote a historical action-adventure script in both feature and limited series format
  • For Shimon Gershon, the former captain of Israel’s national soccer team, co-wrote a screenplay adaptation of his best-selling children’s books
  • For Schick Productions, did a page-one rewrite of Jerusalem ’67, working with director Daniel Syrkin (Tehran)
  • For The Paz Brothers, did a page-one rewrite for the feature Mars Camp, wrote a treatment for JeruZalem 2, and wrote treatments for a pilot and series
  • For The Hive Studio, developed a treatment for Tipping the Iceberg, an animated feature
  • For Jam Productions, wrote the script for The Castle in the Forest, an animated short
  • For 7Flying Fish Productions, did a rewrite for Shoeshine Boy
  • Adapted the YA Novel, The Magic Keys of Tanglewood
  • For private clients, wrote four features and one pilot and did several rewrites (one produced)
  • Wrote several scripts for shorts and explainer videos
  • Wrote about screenwriting and films for publications like Movie Maker and Creative Screenwriting (See samples in Articles)



  • Black List LA Screenwriting Lab
  • Jerusalem Film Fund “Scene” Incubator; received funding for SuperBelly web series
  • Courses in film production, video production, playwriting, screenwriting, and acting at Harvard College, UCLA Extension, Vancouver Film School, the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts (RADA), the University of Toledo, and A Noise Within.
  • JD from Harvard Law School
  • BA in Economics and International Relations from Boston University